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Aims to be the main source in providing Manpower solutions and services to individuals and institutions all over the world.


AJEER seeks to provide services that suit the distinctive needs of all its individual and corporate customers, and Providing the best manpower solutions that ensure the recruitment and transfer of the required human cadres around the world, from the finalize of their work permits and visas, to training services.


AJEER company seeks to help job seekers all over the world find the right opportunities and professional environment to develop their skills and experience. It aims to meet the needs of clients in obtaining the best services of recruitment, management consulting, evaluation, training Programs.


Ajeer’s vision it to be the world leader and to be the most trusted source in delivering Manpower Solution and Services; auditing, accredited training, certification and international licensing to all major industries and companies.

Our Services

Operation and Maintenance

Providing operation and maintenance services is one of our most important strengths as we provide all construction, engineering maintenance and repairs according to the requirements of our customers and provide service contracts for shopping complexes, commercial buildings, warehouses, factories, etc.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning services such as cleaning buildings, offices, hotels and all places that require this service and many other facilities


Hospitality includes providing all hospitality workers.

Outsource Manpower

We provide what our client needs from the human forces in all specialties for all sectors, whether governmental or private, and we provide manpower in all specialties and nationalities such as factory workers, restaurant workers, café workers, cleaners, hospitality workers, engineers and technicians in all specialties and our contracts are compatible with the Ajer system..

Operating restaurants and cafes

support restaurants and cafes, as we provide all facilities to our customers in restaurants and cafes. Our staff has experience in acting in the day-to-day operations of restaurants and cafes.

Outsource Saudi Manpower

We provide national manpower in all fields and for all public and private sectors.

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